Palermo, Richardson: la lettera di dimissioni originale

Palermo, Richardson: la lettera di dimissioni originale

Clive Richardson si è dimesso dalla carica di presidente del Palermo.


Ad annunciarlo, nella serata di ieri, lo stesso Richardson ai nostri microfoni (CLICCA QUI).


Di seguito la lettera di dimissioni originale recapitata alla nostra redazione:


Resignation as President


It is with deep regret that I resign my role as President of US Città Di Palermo with immediate effect.


I came into this process in Early December as a consultant to Mr Corrado Coen, Mr Emanuele Facile and his team. My team from Global Futures Sport and I were employed to carry out due diligence on the acquisition of US Città Di Palermo by a group of investors, led by Mr Coen & Mr Facile.



Never at any stage did I or my team become involved in the fund raising process, we were led to believe from the outset that the company that £30m+ from a number of sources and had sufficient capital to acquire and run US Città Di Palermo. We would never have become involved in the first place if we did not believe this to be true. This figures were presented to us at meetings in Milan at the offices of Mr E Facile and Mr C Coen in November 2018



Despite our best efforts my team and I were never truly allowed to complete the process of due diligence and our findings we did report where never acted upon by Mr E Facile and the rest of the investors.


We have not been paid for our work to date and have incurred a great deal of expenses personally over the past few months.


Kind Regards

Clive Richardson